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Middletown NJ Criminal DefenseIf you are among the approximately 15,000 individuals who will be charged with a criminal and motor vehicle offense in Middletown this year, it is in your best interest to consult an attorney. Our firm, The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall, is comprised of a team of former prosecutors (e.g. adjacent towns of Hazlet, Matawan and Holmdel) with over 100 years of combined experience, who have successfully handled countless charges arising in this jurisdiction. Whether you were arrested and are facing a charge in Middletown Municipal Court or at the Monmouth County Superior Court, we are thoroughly equipped to defend you. For a free initial consultation with a defense lawyer on our staff, call our Middletown NJ Office at 732-615-0039.

Charges in Middletown Township NJ

Middletown is the most populated and second largest municipality in Monmouth County. Three of the busiest highways in the region, the Garden State Parkway, State Highway 35 and State Highway 36 are also located in the Township. The combination of these factors lead to thousands of complaints and summonses for a wide variety of offenses. If you were charged with any type of violation in Middletown, our staff is ready to help you. We handle all charges including:

Irrespective of the offense that has been filed against you, our Middletown attorneys have probably handled it in the past and chances are many times. This knowledge can often prove invaluable, especially when it is coupled with a high level of familiarity with the court. This is precisely what our firm can offer you.

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Many of us at The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall, have witnessed how the system works as prosecutors. This experience provides us with a perspective that many lawyers simply do not possess. We are also battle tested with a long track history of success serving as defense attorneys. An attorney at the firm is prepared to invest his time and conduct a comprehensive review of the facts of your case in a free consultation. Call us anytime 24/7 to speak to a lawyer or to schedule an appointment at our Tindall Road Office.

About Middletown NJ

Middletown Township spans approximately 58.73 square miles, has a population of over 66,500, and contains over 350 miles of roadway, making it a bedrock for thousands of criminal and traffic violations each year. It ranks near the top in terms of municipalities every year when it comes to charges issued in Monmouth County.  Our firm knows these statistics all too well as we are located only a mile from the Middletown Municipal Complex. Our experience includes appearing almost every week in Middletown Municipal Court and/or on felony charges signed by the Middletown Township Police Department. We have been mainstays in the area, having even served as prosecutors in adjacent towns like Holmdel, Hazlet, Colts Neck and Matawan. Call us to learn how we can assist you. Initial consultations are free of charge.

Experienced Middletown Municipal Court Lawyer

The Police Department in Middletown employs well over 100 officers and is the largest in Monmouth County. In addition, summonses and complaints issued by the State Police within the longest stretch of the Garden State Parkway in the county, from just south of Exit 117 to Exit 109, fall under the jurisdiction of Middletown. The Middletown Municipal Court hears an extraordinary amount of traffic and criminal complaints based on these circumstances. Over the last twelve month period reported by the NJ Administrative Office of the Courts, in excess of 11,000 cases were filed in Middletown. As the largest defense firm in the county with an office just about a mile from the Municipal Court and Police Department, our firm routinely handles charges in Middletown Municipal Court.

All of these charges are what is referred to as disorderly persons offenses. Although this grade of offense is the equivalent of a misdemeanor, it carries serious ramifications. First, it will result in a 2C record that will be viewed by anyone performing a criminal background check. Second, a conviction results in fines and mandatory court assessments that can easily exceed $1,000 in total. Third, almost all disorderly persons offenses can result in up to six months in the county jail. Beyond all of this, the court can place you on probation, order community service, drug testing, and even suspend your driver’s license in many instances.

Savvy Criminal Lawyers To Defend Your Traffic or Criminal Charge

Information on the internet can be deceiving, especially when it comes to representations regarding experience. It is imperative that you take a close look at biographical information regarding lawyers and their firm because representations are often less than pure. For example, if you do not see the date someone was licensed on the internet, chances are that they do not want you to know because their words conflict with actuality when it comes to time tested experience in practice. You should also look closely at the experience they do possess and whether that is really relevant to a case being defended in Middletown or against its police department. At our firm, The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall, we leave little for doubt in this regard as our firm has been handling criminal and DUI defense in Middletown for over twenty years (over 100 collectively). Call us if you would like to discuss your criminal offense or what would be involved in representing you.