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The state of New Jersey has an entirely different system for handling juvenile criminal offenses. A juvenile arrest in Middletown will not even end up in a criminal court because of the system for dealing with delinquency offenses. All charges involving those under eighteen (18) are dealt with in the Family Division of the Monmouth County Superior Court. The practices and procedures followed in this court are much different from those that apply in adult cases and this is why it is important to secure an attorney with experience defending Middletown juvenile offenses. At our defense firm, the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall, we have defended a countless number of cases involving juvenile defendants at the county courthouse in Freehold.  Whether your child is facing a basic drug possession case or a complex robbery and weapon charge, we have the qualifications to afford maximum protection to your child. One of the former prosecutors at our Middletown Criminal Firm is available immediately to assist you and the consultation is free of charge.

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Juvenile Criminal Charge in Middletown NJ

NJ Law allows a child to be charged with just about any criminal offense. The process for initiating a charge is much different as every complaint must be filed centrally through the Family Court and Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office. There is no procedure for bail when a juvenile is arrested and, instead, a determination must be made as to whether immediate detention is required because of the threat the child poses to himself or the public. That decision is made by the court and, in extreme cases, a juvenile may even be handled until the time of child. In other instances, the prosecutor will view the offense as so serious as to support waiver of the child to the Criminal Division and trial as an adult. Our Middletown Juvenile Attorneys are highly knowledgeable with the entire process for handling juvenile violations. We can offer skilled representation in any delinquency case including those involving:

Whatever the particular infraction may be that your child is facing, our team possesses over 100 years in combined practice. There is little doubt that our Middletown staff has the experience you need to get results.

Criminal Attorneys for Middletown Juvenile Arrest

The attorneys at our firm are conscious of the fear and turmoil you may be feeling. Your move to address these emotions should be to identify the firm that can provide your child with the best opportunity for moving on with his or her life without baggage. We have a history of achieving this goal and believe that the same can be achieved for your juvenile. Call our firm anytime of day or night and a lawyer will provide you with the guidance you are looking for. The consultation is free of charge.