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Gunnison Beach Lewdness Defense Lawyer

Gunnison Beach is a federal parkland facility located in Middletown NJ which is largely known for its nude sunbathing. The National Park Service is responsible for management of this facility and is aggressive in targeting lewdness (a.k.a. lewd conduct) at this location of Sandy Hook. They go as far as to employ binoculars to identify individuals engaging in oral sex, digital penetration, intercourse and what they view as inappropriate fondling. If you were charged with lewdness at Gunnison Beach, you need to take this offense very seriously. All charges issued at the Sandy Hook Unit of the Gateway National Recreational Area, including lewdness at Gunnison Beach, fall under the jurisdiction of the federal government. This is not a minor violation that will be handled locally but rather a case that will be referred to the United State District Court in Newark for resolution.

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Highly Experienced Attorneys In The Defense Of Gunnison Beach Lewd Conduct Charges

Our firm, The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall, is uniquely positioned to defend your lewd conduct charge. We have been handling lewdness charges originating at Gunnison Beach and Sandy Hook for well over two decades. Violations issued at the facility were previously handled at the Federal Court at Fort Monmouth within a few miles of our main office. As the largest criminal firm in Monmouth County, our former prosecutors and experience defense attorneys had occasion to represent countless individuals arrested for lewd conduct at Gunnison Beach over the years. We have since established a secondary office in Newark within a few blocks of the courtroom where Sandy Hook cases are currently decided and our lawyers continue to defend many facing federal lewdness charges. To speak to a lawyer on our eight member defense team anytime 24/7, contact our Middletown Office (732-615-0039) or Newark Office (973-733-2204).

Lewdness Offense at Sandy Hook

Most lewdness offenses issued by Park Rangers at Sandy Hook are filed under N.J.S.A. 2C:14-4 (“Lewdness”). This New Jersey Law provides that “[a] person commits a disorderly persons offense if he does any flagrantly lewd and offensive act which he knows or reasonably expects is likely to be observed by other nonconsenting persons who would be affronted or alarmed.”  The classic case of lewdness involves masturbation in view of the object of the sexual arousal although this is not the typical scenario at Gunnison Beach. The situation here is more often two consensual adults engaging in a sexual act which is alleged to be observable by the public. This may involve allegations of oral sex, intercourse, or something less obvious like application of suntan lotion in a sexual manner (i.e. application in the buttocks, about the penis, etc.).

Elements of a Lewdness Offense. There are three (3) elements which the United States Attorney must establish in order to convict you of lewdness. First, they must prove that you engaged in a flagrantly lewd and offensive act. Second, the conduct must have been observed by a nonconsenting person (e.g. by a Park Ranger). Third, you must have known or expected that your activities would be seen by a nonconsenting person who would be affronted or alarmed. There is no offense if the observer was reasonably unforeseen.

Penalties If You Are Convicted Of Lewdness. Lewdness is a disorderly persons offense which results in a criminal record if you are convicted. The violation will show as “lewdness” and this clearly is something that should be avoided at all cost. You will also be subject to a fine of up to $1,000 and face the possibility of being sentenced to up to six months in federal prison.

Sandy Hook Lewdness Attorneys

The unfortunate reality is that innocent fun can turn into a serious matter when it results in issuance of a lewdness charge at Sandy Hook. You need to make sure you have every chance of escaping a conviction if you are facing this offense. Hiring a lawyer who is highly knowledgeable and skilled in this area of defense is the biggest step you can take to reaching this goal in our view. The attorneys at The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall are here to serve you in this role. We have over 100 years of combined experience to put into action on your behalf. Call us for an immediate free consultation.