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A major category of criminal offense in Middletown is drug charges. This segment of violations comes in two forms, namely, possession or  distribution of drugs (i.e. possession with intent to distribute).  Whether your CDS offense involves marijuana, heroin, prescription drugs, or something else, you need to take swift action to protect yourself.  Most of these drugs give rise to a felony crime if you are convicted and carry the possibility of a state prison sentence, typically up to five (5) years for a third degree possession or distribution charge. The penalties escalate from there if you are charged with a second degree or first degree drug violation. By contacting our firm, you can receive experienced guidance from criminal attorneys that have been fighting CDS charges for well over 20 years in Middletown and at the Monmouth County Superior Court. Call us to speak to a Middletown Drug Attorney immediately or to schedule an appointment at our office on Tindall Road.

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Middletown Drug Possession Lawyers

When someone like you or your loved one is charged with simple possession of some form of CDS, the law that is guiding the police is N.J.S.A. 2C:35-10. This law exposes individuals to the possibility of a conviction if they actual or constructively possess illegal drugs for personal use. This violation applies to not only street drugs like heroin but any item that is a scheduled substance under the Controlled Dangerous Substance Act, including pharmaceutical medication without valid prescription. Common companion offenses to one for possessing drugs under 2C:35-10 include obtaining CDS by fraud, possession of drug paraphernalia, and possession of CDS in a motor vehicle. Other than cases involving less than 50 grams of weed, this is a third degree crime, a felony, which can result in 5 years in jail, a fine of $15,000 and driver’s license suspension of six (6) months. Many times, however, this charge can be resolved in a manner so as to avoid a permanent criminal record. Sometimes this involves fighting a case so show that the related motor vehicle stop, search of a car or house, or interrogation of the accused was improper. In other cases, programs like Pretrial Intervention (“PTI”) or Conditional Discharge (“CD”) will allow us obtain a dismissal of the offense. Either way, our Middletown NJ Criminal & DWI Attorneys have the know how to identify and execute on your best options for a successful defense.

Drug Distribution Charge Defense Attorney in Middletown NJ

As previously stated, a drug possession charge is significantly more serious when it involves intent to sell or distribute. The violation is always an indictable felony offense and the penalties can be extreme. For this reason all proceedings in a manufacturing, selling or distributing case are at the Monmouth County Superior Court with the exception of an initial arraignment. And when the offense is a second degree or first degree crime, you must serve a state prison sentence if you are convicted.  If you have been accused of selling drugs or possessing CDS with the intent to distribute in Middletown, you need to consult an attorney — one that is experienced like those at our firm. Our team would be happy to put its decades of knowledge and experience defending cases in the town and at the Superior Court in Freehold NJ in motion for you. Call us for a free consultation with a criminal lawyer on our team.